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Endorsements George

June 5, 2022

“A great little book that confronts the dark dragons that oppress us in these times of passion, with joyful, ironic

Press Release Hesse

June 5, 2022

PRESS RELEASE Crossroad Publishing announces the release of Faith and Science: A Journey into God’s Mystical Love. This book introduces   June 15, 2022. Releasing e-Editions -- In collaboration with a private foundation Herder & Herder Publishers is launching

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“A sparkling gem lying in a vast field of books o science and religion. Reading it is a religious experience in itself.” — Jesse Thomas, professor emeritus, San Diego state University; author, The Youniverse: The Spirit of the twenty-First Century

Astrophysics and Creation by Arnold Benz

Perceiving the Universe through Science and Participation

“With this little book I want to introduce you to the ways of fasting or, if you have fasted at some earlier time, to remind you of its benefits. My main goal, therefore, is to strengthen your confidence i your ability to fast and to encourage you to try fasting when the time is ripe.”

Fasting by Niklaus Brantschen

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