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Robert Ellsberg (Author)

All Saints

Daily Reflections on Saints, Prophets, and Witnesses for Our Time

This award-winning and bestselling daily reader presents short, comprehensive biographies of 365 saints and spiritual masters from Christianity and other faith traditions, including Mary Magdalene, Therese of Lisieux, Thomas Aquinas, Mother Teresa, Moses, Martin Luther…

“This book is a great treasure.  I consider Robert Ellsberg to be one of the most significant spiritual writers in the United States, and this book puts him right into the center of contemporary spiritual…
  • Imprint: Crossroad
  • Imprint: Crossroad
  • Imprint: Crossroad
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  • Title: All Saints
  • Subtitle: Daily Reflections on Saints, Prophets, and Witnesses for Our Time
  • Page Count: 608
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Robert Ellsberg (Author)

From 1975-80 Robert Ellsberg was part of the Catholic Worker community in New York, working with Dorothy Day during the last five years of her life, and serving for two years as managing editor of the Catholic Worker newspaper. He has devoted much of his life to promoting Day's life and legacy, editing Dorothy Day: Selected Writings, The Duty of Delight: The Diaries of Dorothy Day, and All the Way to Heaven: Selected Letters of Dorothy Day. Aside from his two Crossroad titles, he has also written The Saints' Guide to Happiness, and edited anthologies of Gandhi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Charles de Foucauld, and Flannery O'Connor. Since 1987 he has served as Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Orbis Books.

  1. "All Saints will become something of a classic. Read as part of a daily schedule, it can keep us mindful that what is most real is immeasurable but nonetheless accessible, and that the community in which we have a part extends far beyond our own space and time."
  2. "Buy a copy of All Saints for yourself and for every teacher you know. Relish it and talk about it; for it is these women and men who have gone before us, who faced the same trials and sufferings as ourselves, that are still with us to help us face one more day in faithfulness."
    --Catholic Agitator
  3. "In this masterful collection of essays, Robert Ellsberg has given us a litany of 'all saints' for our time. All Saints imparts, in an almost palpable way, an awareness of God's action in history, of the Spirit molding and shaping the human heart, so that through these luminous lives one sees a greater light, and hearts turn to God in praise and adoration."
    --Catholic Worker
  4. "The reflections are beautifully crafted; they not only broaden our traditional understanding of holiness but also challenge us to a life of generous self-giving both to God and to others, especially the poor and marginal in our modern world."
  5. "Wide reading and measured judgement are evident in the 365 mini-biographies, but Ellsberg is concerned with something more than scholarship or even good writing. Dipping regularly into the pages of All Saints becomes a delightful way to absorb a great deal of Christian history and rediscover some of its most luminous figures; it is also a means of enlarging our understanding of holiness . . . Ellsberg has pondered his material deeply and combined psychological shrewdness with spiritual depth in his selections and commentary."
    --Cross Currents
  6. "By a verbal artist with the heart of a prophet and a scholar's eye for important detail."
  7. “Remember when you read Butler’s Lives of the Saints and you felt guilty about falling asleep after the third page? Relief is here, thanks to Robert Ellsberg. When you read All Saints you will not only stay fully awake but you’ll be hyperactively telling everyone you meet to read it. Make a nuisance of yourself. It’s not a sin, it's fun.”
    --Colman McCarthy, columnist, The Washington Post
  8. "Ellsberg's compilation comes as a particularly welcome gift of scholarship and devotion because he has made what could have been merely encyclopedic or pious, readable, challenging and inspiring. What makes his daily entries so engaging and often compelling is his own clear, unsentimental enthusiasm and admiration for the people whose lives he summarizes so well."
    --The Boston Book Review
  9. "This book is enormously inspirational, It gives us a very broad perspective on the meaning of holiness in all ages, helping us to see that 'heroic sanctity' can and should be the destiny of us all."
    --Award Citation, First Place in Spirituality, Catholic Press Association
  10. "This book renews hope. The stories are beautiful witnesses to the fact that people can be fully human, yet so illuminated with concern for others that they serve as true signs of God."
    --Catholic News Service
  11. "A dazzling display of ancient and modern greatness that in many cases approaches godliness. An irresistibly inspiring experience. Enabling the browser and methodical reader alike to glimpse day-by-day the brightness of such 'brief lives' is one of the book's many merits. Another is the sheer scope of this impressive case of characters, who represent almost every form and imaginable condition of life. For ordinary people seeking inspiration, enlightenment, and hope, All Saints is a superbly realized resource, lovingly crafted by a scribe well-versed for the kingdom of heaven who has produced treasures both new and old."
  12. "This remarkable book sets a new standard by which all future books on the lives of the saints will be measured."
    --U.S. Catholic
  13. “In these short, splendidly wrought profiles, Robert Ellsberg gives us a vigorous cloud of witnesses—mystics, martyrs, social activists, artists, writers, composers—who do what all saints do: mediate the many and surprising ways in which grace makes discipleship possible. John Paul II has called for a millennial martyrology of unofficial witnesses to the faith who died in this century; he should start with this book.  The Maritains, Bloy and Bernanos, Mozart, Bach and Barth, Heschel and the Baal Shem Tov—all find their places in this richly imagined collection of mediating figures in a spiritual communion of many faiths.”
    --Kenneth L. Woodward, religion editor, Newsweek, author of Making Saints
  14. This book can change your life. Buy it now, read it every day and you won't be able to part with it. You will just have to buy more copies for everyone you love.
    --National Catholic Reporter
  15. "Quite simply the best contemporary one-volume compendium available. The writing alone ranks it well above others. A rich resource for reference and for daily reading. Individuals, families, preachers, teachers, and any number of parish groups looking for reflection material for prayer services or to start meetings will find this book a treasure for years to come."
    --Church magazine
  16. "A remarkably rich collection of meditations on men and women from all ages, mostly Christian, one for every day of the year. Most of them are capable of inspiring us to wish to do more with our lives: to dedicate ourselves to serving truth and justice in the way these heroes did. The whole book amounts to a kind of encyclopedia of moral and spiritual greatness."
    --The Chesterton Review

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