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is heir to a 200-year family tradition of publishing books that explore the most basic questions of human life.

Since 1798, and spanning six generations of the Herder family, we have published to the fundamental questions all humans ask: Where do I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? Rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition we promote writing and reading as time-tested disciplines for focus, discourse and expansion of consciousness. Our books travel the world connecting people, telling stories, arguing ideas and aiming to amplify beneficial spiritual energy in prayer and contemplation. Our expertise and passion is to provide wholesome spiritual nourishment. We sit on a treasure chest of wisdom forged through the ages and want to help make sure that what is relevant we, the human family, take into this new just beginning age.

Our book brands are recognized around the world:

(Crossroad and Herder & Herder are our US brands.)



Our work builds on the lives of six generations of publishers, editors, authors, artists, revolutionaries, saints, sinners and mystics. In 1798 Bartholomaeus Herder began to publish books with the goal to impact life with good books. One of his first projects was a series of low priced booklets by well know educational writers as a way to help non-educated people to read. He later ran the only war press tracking along with the Hapsburg army on route to Paris during the Napoleonic wars. In the mid-1800s Benjamin Herder published the first Catholic encyclopedia in Germany gathering scholars from schools across the country and across ideological divides, a massive organizational undertaking for which he had neither the experience nor the money, yet established a work that is still in updated editions present in many libraries around the world today. The late 19th century saw an expansion of the company shipping theological books in Latin language around the world and establishing shops in the UK, USA, Latin America and Africa. Set back by the First and Second World War the publishing house picked up in the 1950s and beyond focusing efforts to bringing together spiritual seekers, people of prayer and those who pursue religious studies from different denominations and religions with the goal of fostering understanding, peace and the revival of mystical traditions. Today Herder books are published in New York, Montreal, Freiburg, Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona and Mexico.

We are a small yet well established publisher with deep
expertise in the sharing of knowledge and understanding.


CROSSROAD, founded in 1980 as an imprint of Seabury Episcopal Press, includes a long list of books by
relevant and inspiring authors on topics including spirituality, existential questions, contemplative practices,
faith and science, peace and community, biographies and novels; and has gained international recognition
and numerous awards, including the Edward Hopper Award.


HERDER & HERDER dates back to Verlag Herder founded in 1798 in Southern Germany as a Catholic
response to the philosophy of enlightenment. It has since become a globally recognized brand for high
quality academic publications in mysticism, theology and religious studies. Including such prestigious series
as A History of Western Christian Mysticism; World Spirituality Series, and journals like Teleios.

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