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Rev. T. Haney (Author) Ronald (Author)

Prayers for Priests

And Those Who Pray for Them

A collection of contemporary prayers—more than two month’s worth—for today’s busy priest (and for everyone baptized into the priesthood of Christ). This book is divided into two parts. The first section, entitled “Scriptural Meditations,” is…

  • Imprint: Crossroad
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  • Title: Prayers for Priests
  • Subtitle: And Those Who Pray for Them
  • Page Count: 128
  • Available Formats: Trade-paper (9780824526382)
  • Edition: Trade Paper
  • Original language: English
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  • Retail Canada: 18.95

Rev. T. Haney (Author)

Father Haney is the executive editor for The Catholic Witness, the diocesan newspaper for Harrisburg, PA.

Ronald (Author)

Father Haney was the executive editor for The Catholic Witness, the diocesan newspaper for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

  1. Crossroad Publishing has just released Father T. Ronald Haney’s latest book, entitled, Prayers for Priests and Those Who Pray for Them. Father Haney is the secretary for communications and executive editor for The Catholic Witness, the Harrisburg diocesan newspaper. In describing the book, Father Haney said it is divided into two parts: the first section contains 15 prayers directed to the Trinity dwelling within us; the second, prayers to 15 various saints. The final prayer, which appears on the back cover, is for vocations to the priesthood. Brother Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS, who did the illustrations for Father Haney’s book, The Stations of the Cross, has once again provided beautiful and meditative illustrations in both sections of his new book. Bishop Robert Morneau, Auxiliary of the diocese of Green Bay, made the following statement about the book: “Prayer is at the center of a priest’s life. In Prayers for Priests, Father Haney shares his journey of faith that is at once challenging and consoling, unique and universal. Of course, sharing one’s prayer life with the public is a delicate, risky business. But when it is done with raw honesty and graced candidness, it has the potential of transforming the mind and heart of the reader/prayer. “These prayers ‘work’ because they foster our union with God and our love for the world. They are a collection that is faith-filled, conversational in tone, and deeply grounded in the mystery of the indwelling Trinity. We have enough books about prayer; here is a prayer book that truly fosters the lifting of the mind and heart to our triune God. A great gift that will enrich the prayer life of pastors and parishioners alike.” Father Benedict Groeschel, founder of the Franciscan Friars of Renewal and a noted author, speaker and television personality, said that the book is a valuable meditation tool “which avoids being labeled liberal or conservative but is nonetheless deeply motivating and filled with love and the reverence for the Holy Trinity.” It is, he adds, a “perfect gift for a prayerful priest or seminarian – in fact for anyone who care that Our Lord and the Saints challenge us to lead a creative, grace-filled life, sufferings and failures included. “The prayers to the Saints are really quite illuminating,” Father Groeschel said, “and the illustrations alone are worth the price.” Father Haney said that although the prayers are for priests, the laity can also use these prayers to get insights into the struggles and hopes, the frustrations and ideals of the priests who serve them so diligently. Those involved in parish ministries, he said, will be able to identify with many of the challenges and emotions which priests experience. These prayers, he said, will inspire the people to pray with greater understanding for their priests. Dominican Sister Donna Ciangio of the National Pastoral Life Center in New York City said, “Not since Michel Quoist’s Prayer of a Priest on a Sunday Night, has a book on prayer been more inspiring (or has moved me more). Here are heartfelt reflections and prayers on the life and ministry of a contemporary priest. His interaction with scriptural events and saints reflect a deep desire to reach in the great depth of God (or who God is) and the great mystery of our relationship with our Creator. This is particularly evident in the first prayer ‘Indwelling Trinity—One Me.’ “A particularly poignant saint prayer, “ she continued, “is the one to Marin de Porres reflecting on racism and need for ones in Jesus.” The book, she said “is a must read for all priests – and then, a must pray. You just can’t read it without praying and putting yourself in the picture. This is a great prayer resource for all parish ministers today. It will guide us as we strive to be deeply believing and committed disciples of Jesus.” Father Eugene Hemrick, Director of Research, Washington Theological Union and frequent columnist in The Catholic Witness, said “Father Haney’s Prayers for Priests and Those Who Pray for Them is a collage of profound prayers containing thoughts and feelings not only priests have, but which we all experience. In meditating on them, I found myself addressing realities I knew existed but could never verbalize. Father Haney’s prayers are unique in helping us to cut to the truth of the matter, and to better understand a caring God who is the Truth.”
    --The Catholic Witness

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