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Frank X. Tuoti (Author)

Why Not Be a Mystic?

A presentation of the traditional teachings of mysticism presented in a fresh way so that each of us can open ourselves to an experience of the presence of God—here and now.

“There is an enormous thirst for the things of the Spirit, and a book like this is just what could spark that desire into a living flame.” —Brother Patrick Hart, O.C.S.O.
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  • Title: Why Not Be a Mystic?
  • Page Count: 192
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  • Edition: Trade Paper
  • Original language: English
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Frank X. Tuoti (Author)

  1. Karl Rahner, the pre-eminent Catholic theologian of our century, once said: “In the coming age we must all become mystics - or be nothing at all.” In an engaging and readable manner, Frank Tuoti - a former Trappist and student of Thomas Merton - invites us to respond to Rahner’s challenge. He lays out the foundations of a Christian mysticism that is available to all and discusses the basic steps and stages of contemplative prayer. “We are all mystics at our core,” he says, “since God’s own seed is within us. Indeed it is this very seed which holds us lovingly in being.” Tuoti draws liberally from contemporary writers such as Thomas Merton, Thomas Keating, and George Maloney, as well as from the works of Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, and The Cloud of Un/mowing. The book, however, is neither a complex treatise nor a derivative text. Rather, it is a clear introductory guidebook for those beginning or already engaged in the practice of contemplative prayer. It possesses the great virtue of simplicity, written by one who has learned through experience the value of what he describes. A married layman, Tuoti says he lived a “checkered life” after his time at the Abbey of Gethsemani, having “crashed and burned” numerous times but still struggling to live a contemplative life in the midst of a tough world. In concise, sensible chapters Tuoti addresses a host of practical concerns: how to find time for prayer, how to handle distractions, what attitudes are needed during periods of darkness, and how to choose a spiritual director. He gives wise advice on the need for silence, on the relationship between personality and prayer styles, and on the transformation of the self through prayer. This is an excellent handbook on contemplative prayer filled with engaging stories from many spiritual traditions and wonderful quotes from spiritual masters new and old.
    --Spiritual Book News
  2. “This book is to be most highly recommended. It is a MUST for all those called to sanctity. That means all Christians. It is the loudest and perhaps the last call of this century!”
    --The Ligourian Magazine
  3. “You won’t find many books on prayer and spirituality as good as this one, loaded with startling concepts and fresh Insights. You may be surprised at the clarity of thought. This is no obscure text or esoteric approach to the spiritual life.”
    --Praying Magazine

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