• 9780824516994
Henri de Lubac (Author)

The Mystery of the Supernatural

  • Imprint: Herder & Herder
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  • Title: The Mystery of the Supernatural
  • Page Count: 286
  • Available Formats: Trade-paper (9780824516994)
  • Edition: Trade Paper
  • Original language: English
  • Retail US: Trade-paper (34.95)
  • Retail Canada: Trade-paper (No CAD Price)
  • Retail Canada: No CAD Price

Henri de Lubac (Author)

Henri-Marie de Lubac, S.J. was a French Jesuit priest who became a cardinal of the Catholic church, and is considered to be one of the most influential theologians of the 20th century. His writings and doctrinal research played a key role in the shaping of the Second Vatican Council.

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