• 9780824525361
Rudolf Schnackenburg (Author)

The Johannine Epistles

A Commentary

With the translation of Rudolf Schnackenburg’s commentary on the Johanine epistles, one of the most remarkable periods in history of Johanine scholarship comes to a close. In less than thirty years, the English-speaking world has…

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  • Title: The Johannine Epistles
  • Subtitle: A Commentary
  • Page Count: 320
  • Available Formats: Trade-paper (9780824525361)
  • Edition: Trade Paper
  • Original language: English
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Rudolf Schnackenburg (Author)

  1. “Without being pedantic, the author exhibits a sweeping command of the history of the Gospel’s interpretation. The quantity and quality of scholarship offered make it an invaluable addition to the commentary library of any minister or congregation interested in pursuing an understanding of the Fourth Gospel.”
    --The Christian Century
  2. “Schnackenburg’s commentary is indeed one of the very best to emerge in recent years.”
    --The Catholic Biblical Quarterly
  3. “This commentary is certainly not a daring extremist interpretation by any standard of judgment. For the most part is a conservative to moderate treatment. Characteristic of its author’s style it is well reasoned, clear, and above all thorough. It will continue to be the most useful tool of students of the Gospel of John.”
  4. “Professor Schnackenburg’s magisterial commentary on John is to be heartily welcomed. One should have this commentary at hand for any serious study of the Gospel.”
    --Southwestern Journal of Theology
  5. “A rich mine of exegetical insights worthy of the attention any serious reader.”
    --Religious Studies Review
  6. “A welcome completion of the English translation of this excellent commentary; it is at once thorough and readable. The theological flow of the Gospel is paramount in Schnackenburg’s presentation. Translation is careful and clear.”

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