• 9780824514440
  • Imprint: Herder & Herder
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  • Title: Modern Esoteric Spirituality
  • Page Count: 448
  • Available Formats: Trade-paper (9780824514440)
  • Edition: Trade Paper
  • Original language: English
  • Retail US: Trade-paper (45)
  • Retail Canada: Trade-paper (50)
  • Retail Canada: 50

Antoine Faivre (Author)

Jacob Needleman (Author)

  1. Modern Esoteric Spirituality edited by Jacob Needleman and Antoine Faivre provides a window into a wide range of gnostic worldviews which continue to exert an influence today. this book, volume 21 in the World Spirituality series, provides background for much of the modern new age movement.
    --The Leading Edge Magazine

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