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Thomas A Kempis (Author)

Meeting the Master in the Garden

How Jesus Cultivates Our Soul

Now with the complete trilogy of The Imitation of Christ, Consolations for My Soul, and Meeting the Master in the Garden, The Crossroad Publishing Company offers William Griffin’s compilation of the highest wisdom of the Middle Ages in easy…

“Refracted through William Griffin’s rollicking translation and commentary, these “lost” works of Thomas à Kempis come to new life. Who says spiritual wisdom has to be dull?”—ROBERT ELLSBERG, author of All Saints: Daily Reflections and Saints’ Guide to…
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  • Title: Meeting the Master in the Garden
  • Subtitle: How Jesus Cultivates Our Soul
  • Page Count: 264
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  • Original language: English
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Thomas A Kempis (Author)

Thomas à Kempis (1379-1471), a priest, is also the author of The Imitation of Christ, second to the Bible as the best-selling book in Western history.

  1. This is the first new English translation of Thomas à Kempis’s Garden of Roses and Valley of Lilies in four hundred years, and it is enchanting. The instruction and inspiration of the author of the perennially popular Imitation of Christ have been rendered into language that is fresh, lively, and perfectly suited to Thomas’s aphoristic style.
    --Fisher Humphreys, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University
  2. Griffin’s [translations] are books you can actually use as devotionals. Take them into your prayer closet and read them as they were meant to be read, slowly, a chapter or two at a time, as you think and pray about your life in God. You won’t be hearing the distant and thus irrelevant voice of a remote and impossibly pious saint.  Through Griffin’s brilliant recoveries of the originals, you are going to hear a wise and intimate voice speaking to you in shockingly contemporary and sprightly terms about ultimate things—things you know in your heart.
    --Harold Fickett, novelist and essayist; author of The Living Christ: The Extraordinary Lives of Today’s Heroes
  3. With Griffin, not only do inaccessible Christian classics become extraordinarily readable and personal, but we discover how much our own age has to learn from the past in terms of wisdom, devotion, and practicality.
    --Luci Shaw, poet, author, The Crime of Living Cautiously; Writer in Residence, Regent College
  4. The introduction was superb, and the inserts I found especially helpful; they are themselves a small compendium of wisdom for us today. What a clever way to make Kempis’s words relevant for the modern reader! Midrash will never grow old as a way of opening up a text.
    --Murray Bodo, O.F.M., Franciscan priest, retreat-giver, poet, author of Poetry as Prayer: Denise Levertov
  5. Griffin’s helpful asides, scattered throughout the text, as well as in the afterword, provide illuminating background for someone wanting to go even deeper in reclaiming the old but far-from-musty insights of Kempis. A delight to read and ponder!
    --Timothy Jones, Episcopal priest and author of The Art of Prayer
  6. William Griffin’s translations are spiritual in the best sense of the word: they blow the dust off devotional classics by breathing fresh air into lively English paraphrases. Like his masters, Griffin knows that the Christian pilgrimage is serious play, a strange but exhilarating pas de deux between sacred and profane, and a reverence for holy things and the joyful irreverence that only true holiness can inspire.
    --GregoryWolfe, Writer in Residence and Director of the MFA Program, Seattle Pacific University; Publisher and Editor of Image: A Journal of Arts & Religion

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