• 9780824525217
Diarmuid O'Murchu (Author)

Jesus in the Power of Poetry

A New Voice for Gospel Truth

The original work here separates itself from similar anthologies by showing an ability to rethink everyday faith through empowerment and liberation. O’Murchu uses language in its most direct form to accept the challenge of these…

“This is a real gem. For too long we have thought that prose and theology could get us there, but O’Murchu has discovered what ancient religion knew to be true: the great mysteries must be…
  • Imprint: Crossroad
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  • Title: Jesus in the Power of Poetry
  • Subtitle: A New Voice for Gospel Truth
  • Page Count: 224
  • Available Formats: Trade-paper (9780824525217)
  • Edition: Trade Paper
  • Original language: English
  • Retail US: Trade-paper (19.95)
  • Retail Canada: Trade-paper (21.95)
  • Retail Canada: 21.95

Diarmuid O'Murchu (Author)

Diarmuid O’Murchu is a graduate of Trinity College in Dublin, a member of the Sacred Heart Missionary Order, and the author of Quantum Theology and Catching Up with Jesus.

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