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Evelyn Eaton Whitehead (Author) James D. Whitehead (Author)

Christian Life Patterns

The Psychological Challenges and Religious Invitations of Adult Life

This nuanced and carefully researched look at the stages along life’s journey, by a celebrated psychologist and a theologian, serves as a tool of discernment for Christians progressing through the earthly journey. It covers young…

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  • Title: Christian Life Patterns
  • Subtitle: The Psychological Challenges and Religious Invitations of Adult Life
  • Page Count: 216
  • Available Formats: Trade-paper (9780824511548)
  • Edition: Trade Paper
  • Original language: English
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Evelyn Eaton Whitehead (Author)

Evelyn Eaton Whitehead is a developmental psychologist. She holds the doctorate from the University of Chicago. Her professional work focuses on issues of adult maturity, the dynamics of leadership, and the social analysis of community life.

James D. Whitehead (Author)

James D. Whitehead is a pastoral theologian and historian of religion. He received the doctorate from Harvard University. His theological interests concern questions of contemporary spirituality, religious leadership, and theological method in ministry.

  1. “…an insightful and practical exploration of adult Christian development…will be of help not only to those involved in pastoral ministry but to all adult Christians. The book is a welcomed contribution to an increasingly important field. It contributes to adult religious self-understanding, to integrated pastoral practice, and to continuing interdisciplinary research. The bibliography is of value as well…The authors are balanced, challenging, realistic, stimulating.”
    --Spirituality Today
  2. “…A fairly demanding synthesis of current psychological research and theological concepts for the informed layperson.”
    --Library Journal
  3. “…an excellent text. The application of spiritual, theological, and psychological concepts challenges the reader to review his own life crises in reference to his vocation.”
    --Review for Religious
  4. “The authors construct a contemporary spirituality for the Christian based on psychologist Erik Erikson’s pioneering work on adult development.”
    --Religious News Service
  5. “The Whiteheads are among the first to explore the research and declare adult passages occasions for the sacred. Their modest book will not be the last to take this perspective, but it does set the standard for what is to come. Christian Life Patterns belongs in the hands of anyone who hopes to minister to adults.”

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