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Robert McClory (Author)

As It Was in the Beginning

The Coming Democratization of the Catholic Church

Robert McClory, a Catholic journalist, scholar, and former priest brings a formidable array of research and scholarship to this inquiry into the development—past, present and future—of the hierarchy of power in the Catholic church.

Put As It Was in the Beginning at the top of your ‘must read’ list. It is engaging, informative, and provocative—especially important for those Catholics who need to find reasons not to exit the church.—William V. D’Antonio,…
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  • Title: As It Was in the Beginning
  • Subtitle: The Coming Democratization of the Catholic Church
  • Page Count: 240
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Robert McClory (Author)

Robert McClory has written widely on racism, politics, and religion for the past four decades. His work has appeared in the National Catholic Reporter, U.S. Catholic Magazine, the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Reader. He is professor emeritus at Northwestern University’s Medical School of Journalism.

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