Yoel b’nai Yehuda, Musician

January 5, 2022

On first perusal, I find the book is itself well written and well within the bounds of Catholic formational understanding. It is very much to those who understand the nuances, undoubtedly written by a member of the Order of St. Francis.

Very straightforward in his approach to spirituality, The Pope states in a beautiful way his convictions on a life of discipleship; as opposed to a following of dogmatic teaching.

There are many who wonder is this Pope different from others? I would say no. His love for the church and its doctrines and his personal devotions to Mary are definitely at the heart of his writings in Open Mind, Faithful Heart.

For any who would enjoy a tool for invitation into reflection and prayer, Open Mind, Faithful Heart can serve as a great catalyst into a deeper spiritual prayer life rooted in Catholic and Franciscan theology.

Far more gentler but no less mystical or revolutionary, these writings have at their heart compassion as their source and a social justice that brings back memories of the early days of Matthew Fox.

Written with the somberness of Thomas Merton, these writings never lose the point of discipleship and what it means.

A great read. Thank you again for considering my thoughts on this well written wonderful book.

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