The Westfield Leader

January 14, 2022

From a prolific write of 10 psycho-spiritual self-help books comes “The Phoenix: A Story of Love That Endured the Winds of World War II,” a second captivating novel destine to be a motion picture.

Again but ageless, author Dr. Peter M. Kalellis a local psychotherapist and marriage counselor, faithfully continues his practice in Westfield, N.J.

In the last 40 years experience, he has addressed issues related to anxiety, boredom, conflicts, depression and loss of direction in life, low self-esteem and relationship difficulties. Besides helping his clients with utmost care and sensitivity, his personal passion is writing, and even his novels carry a therapeutic message.

“Writing is my personal therapy, claims Dr. Kalellis.”

“The Phoenix: A Story of Love That Endured the Winds of World War II” is about the wealthy Greek-American widower, Costas Cambas, who leaves the United States, a country he loves, and returns with Nina, his young orphaned daughter, to the island of Lesbos in Greece, the land of his origin. There he finds his loving sister, a religious woman, who helps raise his daughter.

In her late teens, Nina dreams of becoming a nun and establishing a home for abandoned boys and girls – who have increased in number as of the invasion of Nazi Germany in 1941. On the island, Nina meets the handsome Danny Cohen, an American sailor who carries out a secret mission in occupied Greece. Thought to be a Jewish spy, Cohen was taken to a Nazi concentration camp where he witnessed cruelty against the Greek people.

Nina’s desire to become a nun and Danny’s sense of duty collide with a love and passion that is hard to control.

Reader of “The Phoenix” will encounter an emotional tapestry of love, passion greed, power, anger, faith and forgiveness. There may be a difficulty putting it down as the reader will be taken on an intriguing yet emotional roller-coaster ride that is to be thoroughly enjoyed and sad to see it end.

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