December 31, 2021

“Wolfteich examines lay-led movements and publications through which U.S. Catholics in the pre-Vatican II era sought to infuse the social order with gospel values: Commonweal, Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker, the Grail Movement, the Christian Family Movement, Opus Dei, and Integrity, a magazine published for a decade after Catholic Action advocate Carol Jackson and former Catholic Worker Ed Willock co-founded it in 1946. Even more extensive treatment is given to developments after Vatican II, with particular attention to figures like John F. Kennedy, John Courtney Murray, César Chávez, Daniel Callahan, Mario Cuomo, and Geraldine Ferraro, as well as the issues that shaped U.S. Catholics’ sense of lay vocation and Catholic identity such as Civil Rights, ecumenism, Humanae Vitae and the birth control debate, and abortion.”

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