Spiritual Book Association

January 2, 2022

Grace is all around us, encompassing us with the embrace of compassion. “We are grounded in wholeness even as we struggle to gather our scattered selves. We are surrounded by depth, even as we flounder in the seeming absence of all that is significant,” says Barbara Fiand. Returning to issues she first explored in Releasement, Fiand offers a rich understanding of Christian existence founded on the mystical awareness of God’s ever present love.

Fiand eloquently shows that our journey toward God is not a quest for a God who is above and beyond us, but for a God deep within us. Fiand offers four chapters which reflect in turn on the false dualism that much of our religious language employs, on our inherent emptiness and receptivity to the holy, on the cyclical, spiralling nature of psycho-spiritual growth, and on the embrace which occurs when our longing for God encounters God’s longing for us.

While the theological depth of the work may seem somewhat imposing, rich rewards await those who undertake this journey.

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