Sarah Coakley, FBA, University of Cambridge and Australian Catholic University

May 9, 2024

There have been a plethora of books on Julian of Norwich, both scholarly and popular, in recent decades, but none is as incisive theologically as Julia Lamm’s God’s Kinde Love. Drawing on the best textual editions of the Revelations, and shirking none of the challenges that are raised by the necessary comparison of its earlier and later versions, Lamm illuminates with wonderful clarity the thoroughgoing originality of Julian’s thought. In particular, there is simply nothing better in the existing secondary literature on the Julian’s distinctive account of grace, and its daring departures from the standard ‘Western’, Augustinian tradition. Through her meticulous, but fully accessible, rendition of Julian’s theological vision, Lamm gives Julian the systematic significance she deserves: not merely a ‘medieval woman mystic’, but a theological thinker of unique distinctiveness and contemporary relevance.

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