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January 8, 2022

Author Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle has a mission. As a devout Catholic and mother, of five who has dedicated the past 29 years to raising her children, O’Boyle is now encouraging other Catholic mothers to embrace the vocation of motherhood.

With the publication of her new book “The Heart of Motherhood: Finding Holiness in the Catholic Home,” she hopes to share her message about the sanctity of motherhood.

O’Boyle is passionate about her ministry to mothers, and says that this is something she has been doing since last year’s release of her bestselling book. “Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers.

The author frequently speaks to groups about the vocation of motherhood and its importance. Not a fan of public speaking. however, O’Boyle says that she has had to overcome her hesitation because she feels that she has been called by God to share her message with other mothers.

Somewhat surprised by the response of women who have been moved to tears by her talks, O’Boyle remarked, “I am happy if the Lord can use me through the words that I say or write to help, women.”

She added, “Motherhood is a very lofty vocation and hopefully they, will be able to embrace it fully and have peace of heart and soul.”

O’Boyle notes that women can often feel confused, inadequate or depressed because they are trying to figure out what they are supposed to do.

“I’ve always tried to help mothers realize that life speeds by” she said, “and it is important to be there for your children as much as you can when they are little because it is so critical to their development.”

In her soft-spoken voice, O’Boyle explains that her books are aimed at mothers who are striving to find more meaning in their vocation and are look in for a deeper relationship with God.

“I try to impress upon them that it really can be done and it really is quite easy” said O’Boyle. Calling her concept a kind of revolutionary approach to prayer, O’Boyle says that she tries to help mothers realize that their very lives are a prayer, because they are the ones God put in the heart of the home to take care of the children. O’Boyle believes that her philosophy is empowering and hopes that it will provide comfort to mothers.

Her book has been blessed by Pope John Paul II and endorsed by Mother Teresa who read the manuscript, as O’Boyle wrote the book 16 years ago when she was on bed-rest during a pregnancy.

The book offers Catholic mothers a way to practice their religion in a simpler, easier fashion. But the author is humble about her role in encouraging mothers to embrace the vocation of motherhood while also drawing closer to their faith.

“I feel God’s calling me to do it,” O’Boyle reflected. “God gave me the grace to write these words.”

O’Boyle finds her work extremely fulfilling. “It’s amazing what words can do. I weave these words together for inspiration to other people.”

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