NAPRA Review

January 6, 2022

“In our ever-changing society, one constant is that communication is critical to interpersonal relationships of all kinds. Here is a nice little book that draws out the basic blueprint for a mentorship, one which respects the responsibility implied by the very word ‘mentoring’ but which also recognizes the wonderful reciprocal rhythm of mentoring. As we give we receive; as we are receiving we are giving. Covering some very fundamental concepts and practices, the author outlines how we can be more effective on either side of a mentoring role. Wicks offers his own experience along this path in a helpful way, sharing various breakthroughs brought about by misunderstandings or judgment. Each chapter expounds on one or two words, such as Safety, Distance, Reflection, Humor, Little Jolt. Using his words well and weaving a pattern of effectiveness, Wicks manages to translate a very complicated process into a totally manageable experience. This will be a good adjunct to any more weighty work in the arena of improving communication, and its small size will make it easy to have on hand for reference.”

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