Lucien J. Richard, O.M.I., Catholic Library World

January 3, 2022

“This is a collection of articles by a well-established theologian who also happens to be a Cardinal. In this book, the Cardinal writes on a variety of important issues confronting the Church in general and its leadership in particular. Questions as diverse as those of the diaconate, the priestly and episcopal offices, the Apostolic Succession, canon law, the Universal Church and the Local Church, and ecumenical perspectives on the future are presented with much wisdom and theological skills.

While the author is well-aware of the tradition and its resources, the emphasis is on the issues facing the Roman Catholic Church today. Discussion about the diaconate, the priestly office, is ultimately about the nature of the Church today. The Church, for the author, is entirely spiritual, sacramental and Eucharistic. All ministries in the Church have to be view from these perspectives; while structures are important, they aren’t the dominant factors.

This is an important book, especially in the USA. The issue of leadership in the Church is a crucial one.”

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