Living Faith

January 2, 2022

Self-respect is not only a question of trusting yourself, the world and God, but of discovering your uniqueness.

Everyone is a unique personality. Everyone is n unique image made by God: one that only that person and no one else is and has. Thomas Aquinas says that each and every one of us is a unique expression of God in this world. The world would be poorer if every single one of us were not here to express God in his or her special way. Roman Guardini tells us that in the first place God says something fundamental about each human being-pronounces a special set of words over him or her, as it were-that applies to that person and to no one else. Every human being is a word of God become flesh. And our task is to make this unique

something God hue said perceptible and effective, to make sure it is heard as the extraordinary pronouncement it is.

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