Library Journal

January 1, 2022

Tickle (My Father’s Prayer LJ 5/1/95) describes her writing style as that of a dance where movement as well as conversation is important. She shows that in this technological age religious beliefs in the United States are not dying but flourishing and transforming as society transforms, especially with advent of the Internet. She speaks about the democracy of theology, arguing that the forms and functions of religion are now being defined by the Common, everyday “God-talk” of people seeking spirituality in these chaotic times. She covers a vast amount of territory very quickly; people such m Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung pop up, then vanish; ideas are thrown around; and, to emphasize the connectiveness of all religious information, the author has “spun oil” extensive commentaries and asides as notes of the book. This interesting, amusing, and enlightening work can be difficult to read unless one understands the dance.

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