Journal for the study of the New Testament

January 1, 2022

This collection of l2 essays, edited by the founder and chairman of the American Interfaith Institute, presents (from a Christian perspective) recent developments in Jewish-Christian understanding. A particular concern of the book is Bible translation: Norman Beck and Barclay Newman both offer essays which explore how parts of the NT (the Fourth Gospel especially) may be responsibly translated. Norman Beck also argues against explaining away parts of the NT as intra-Jewish polemic and insists that lectionaries should best avoid certain sections of the NT. Essays by Cardinal Cassidy and Eugene Fisher chart recent developments in Roman Catholic and Jewish relations. Mary Boys surveys the church`s long history of contempt for Judaism, and holds that the relationship between anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism is closer than some Christians would care to believe. There is a reprint of D. Moody Smith‘s article (with a short postscript), ‘The Gospel of John as a Threat to Jewish-Christian Relations`, in which he positions the Fourth Gospel in a plausible historical context and cautiously places John within a context of contemporary Jewish-Christian dialogue. William Willimon

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