Hosffman Ospino, PhD, Associate Professor of Theology and Education, Boston College, School of Theology and Ministry.

January 6, 2022

“St. Alberto Hurtado’s pioneering life deserves to be better known in the English-speaking world. This translation of one of his great works reveals how this hardworking Jesuit combined a deep devotional life with an unshakeable commitment to the poor and marginalized. Apostle of the poor, social activist, dedicated scholar and magazine editor, St. Alberto might be called the patron saint of multi-taskers. St. Alberto is one of the greatest of all Jesuit saints, and one of the most accessible. Come to know his mind and his heart in this beautiful book.”

James Martin, S.J., editor of America Magazine, author of “The Jesuit Guide” and “Jesus: A Pilgrimage.”

“Alberto Hurtado´s ideas were often resisted, raising questions that frequently bewildered his contemporaries. Those same questions are raised for us today. This book shows us the efforts of a group of lucid Catholics who were laying groundwork for the Second Vatican Council through determined dialogue with the world and its injustices. Such efforts, yesterday as today, will lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and censures. Social Morality is the prophetic effort of Father Hurtado to articulate the partnership of faith and justice, which years later was to be formulated as the heart of the mission of the Society of Jesus.”

Cristián del Campo, S.J., Provincial of the Society of Jesus, Chile.

“During the early part of the twentieth century, Chile witnessed the prophetic voice and commitment of Fr. Alberto Hurtado, S.J. as he engaged some of the most pressing social questions of the moment in his country. Social Morality, now available in English for the first time more than half a century after Fr. Hurtado’s death, is a masterpiece. In this book we learn that loving God and the people one serves, especially those most vulnerable, demands working for justice for all. The voice of Fr. Hurtado, prophet, visionary and saint, echoes loudly through the pages of this important work.”

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