Hollis R. Lynch, Professor Emeritus of History ( West African), Former Director of the Institute of African STudies, Columbia University

December 31, 2021

“I wish to commend Rev. Fr. Robert O’Neil for his very successful production of Born Under the Gun. It is a succinct but very illumnating analysis of Cameroon history during World War I. But first he provides a welcome background to the war by his story of the Imperial German Colony og the Kamerun since 1884. He then proceeds with his main themes : missionary activity and World War I in the Cameroons; the internment as refugees of German soldiers and their Cameroon cohorts on the off-shore island of Fernando Po, and the return of AFricans to the mainland in 1919 and 1920. The two appendices based on Fr. O’neil’s interviews with Cameroonians have aslo enhanced the value of the book. Readers of Born Under the Gun will be well rewarded. “

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