Fred W. Burnett, Reference Services Review

January 6, 2022

“As Schüssler Fiorenza puts it, ‘this volume attempts to chart a comprehensive approach to feminist interpretation,’ and that is exactly what it does. Part one (‘Charting Interpretation from Different Sociohistorical Locations’) includes essays by E. Gössmann, K. Baker-Fletcher, C. De Swarte Gifford, R. N. Brock, T. Okure, and A.M, Isasi-Díaz. Part two (‘Changing Patriarchal Blueprints: Creating Feminist Frames of Meaning’) includes essays by K. Pui-Lan, J. Plaskow, C. Devens-Green, M. A. May, L. H. Meyer, C. V. Camp, and l. Gebara. Part three (‘Scrutinizing the Master’s Tools: Rethinking Critical Methods’) includes essays by E. A. Castelli, M. Fander, B. Kahl, E. S. Malbon , J. C. Anderson, M. A. Tolben, B. H. Geller Nathanson, and K. J. Torjesen. The concluding part (‘Transforming the Master’s House: Building a “Room of Our Own”’) features essays by M. Procter-Smith, K.G. Cannon, A. M. Cheek, L. Troeh, and K. O’Brien Wicker. Despite its predominantly Christian and heterosexual emphases, no serious biblical interpreter should neglect to study this volume.”

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