Columbus Parent Magazine

January 3, 2022

“Parents’ most pressing and worrisome questions about their children’s elementary school experiences are addressed in this helpful resource. The explosion of education option and the emphasis on parental involvement often confuses or intimidates parents, prompting such questions as: How can I know what’s going on in school if my child won’t tell me? Do video games interfere with my kid’s ability to learn? What is school choice? Does ‘No Child Left Behind’ make classrooms better? Is it okay to bribe my son to motivate him to do his homework?

Explained in a simple and reassuring manner, apprehensive and concerned parents are advised to go easy on interrogation and to ask pointed questions about particular: What was the worst thing about school today?, which may be a better conversation starter than, How was school today? Topics range from curriculum and classroom concerns and homework and discipline questions, to social and moral issues. Insight is offered into what motivates teachers, and suggestions for forging effective parent-teacher partnerships are included. This compilation of practical advice is grounded in years of classroom and administrative experience and extensive research.”

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