Catholic Library World

January 14, 2022

Seven Sacraments is not an ordinary book considering the subject of Catholic sacramental theology but a meditation on sacred signs and wonders deep within Chirstian experience. The sacraments are not addressed in seven distinct chapters but more as a composite within the larger themes of Christology, Liturgy, Commandments, Covenant and creation. Stratford Caldecott is a proven writer and teacher and the current Director of the Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture in Oxford and editor of the journal Second Spring. Caldecott is both sensitive to religious tradition and to the sensibilities of non-Catholic readers encountering the sacraments for the first time. Seven Sacraments is written in a catechetical style which facilitates group discussion and personal reflection. The text is based on sound scholarship and is accessible to most readers. Each chapter concludes with explanatory notes; clarifying issues encountered within the text and a significant bibliography for additional or supplemental reading. Several online sources are also listed with the requisite web addresses.

This title is recommended for all library collections.

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