Bookstore Journal

January 5, 2022

“Translated into English, this volume contains a collection of Rahner’s prayers, many previously published.

Those prayers not previously published include Rahner’s prayer for the church, prayer of a layperson, prayer for justice and brotherhood, prayer for peace, and ‘Prayer for the Reunion of all Christians.’ The latter prayer, which he wrote just prior to his death, is a noteworthy memorial.

Obviously, Prayers For a Lifetime is a guide to prayer. Readers can use Rahner’s prayers as they are, or adapt them for their own use. The prayers concerning Jesus’ last words are especially useful. Other prayers are more personal, but each illustrates the author’s love for God, his humility, his spiritual growth, and the church’s growth over the past 50 years.

In an ‘Editor’s Afterword,’ readers are told, ‘This collection is not to provide a manual of theology. Its purpose is rather to place at the disposal of the reader interested in prayer and meditation the prayers of a great theological and spiritual teacher.’

Those who are familiar with the work and thoughts of Karl Rahner will be especially interested in this work. Although it may be appreciated more by Catholics, all readers will find inspiration in these beautiful, thought-provoking prayers.”

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