Bereavement Care Journal

January 14, 2022

“Though claiming to be both a ‘road map’ for  bereaved people and a guide for those who are supporting them, this book is clearly aimed primarily at  the supporters. It contains several suggestions of things to do or avoid and also provides explanations for why people who are grieving may react or behave in certain ways. It is not written in an academic, text-book  style and would make good reading for someone who has not made a study of grief but wants to both understand and help someone who has  experienced a death. The author uses many of her own experiences of bereavement in the text and this enhances the points she makes.

This is an interesting book that many will want to read from beginning to end, but it also works as a resource to dip into for information on specific topics that are relevant at the time. There is information on a wide range of issues, from the classic ones of shock, anger, guilt and depression to the more concrete ones of what not to say, suggestions for help, the gift of time and providing continuing support. Overall this is a very useful and practical book to recommend to those supporting the bereaved.”

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