Bede Luetkemeyer, OSB, Spirit Life Magazine

January 2, 2022

In this powerful little book, the author does not hesitate to mingle Gospel stories and their applications, with contemporary life stories that connect with the Gospel. She achieves a very striking and thought-provoking picture of the failures of today’s churches to face the real issues of modem life. Through the actual experiences of individuals we are faced with the obvious futility of imposing criteria for acceptance on the minor matters of liturgy, language, gender, money, etc., while refusing to address the major problems of poverty, discrimination and the rest. Without indulging in criticism, she nevertheless makes us see the contradictions. She gives numerous examples of the courage and humility of men and women who continue to believe in the future despite the injustices they have endured. The sub-tit1e of this book very accurately names those who would benefit from it, but it also offers a way of understanding for those who support people in the midst of the struggle.

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