Front Cover for John of the Cross

A thorough, engaging, and accessible introduction to the defining themes in the life of St. John of the Cross, revealed through his writing. Text is prefaced by a translation of the saint’s poems and his drawing of the mystical ascent of the soul.

Job and the Mystery of Suffering

Richard Rohr plumbs the depths of the Job's story to reveal its relevance for us today. This important book shows how the tension between suffering and faith can be a powerful means to an authentic connection with the divine.

Front Cover for Jesus in the Drama of Salvation

A convincing scholarly picture of Jesus in relation to his Jewish historical context and to the beginnings of the Christian community. Schwager presents Jesus as the coherent message of God's salvation to humankind.

Front Cover of Jesus of Nazareth

This unique life of Jesus asks a new question: How did Jesus himself come to understand his life and experience his faith? An imaginative narrative grounded in scholarship, aimed at deepening the reader’s relationship with Christ.

Front Cover for The Jesus Meditation

Michael Kennedy, a pastor in East Los Angeles, brings us the contemplative practice that has catalyzed transformation in so many lives. Sit with Jesus and discover an intimate experience of the living God. Includes a CD of meditations narrated by Martin Sheen.

Front Cover of Jesus in the Power of Poetry

Viewing prose as a limited way to convey the dream and spirit of the Gospels, this text instead relies upon the power of poetry to provide immediate access to a fresh, radical interpretation of the teachings of Jesus.

Front Cover of Is Jesus God

In the new millennium, the most central question is how to understand God and Jesus. This book is an invitation to Christians—and non-Christians—to challenge their inherited notions of how and why Jesus is to be thought of as divine.

Intimacy with God

Founder of the Centering Prayer movement and bestselling author Thomas Keating offers an introduction to Centering Prayer and explores the roots and development of the practice as well as addressing the unfolding process of integrating contemplation into a daily routine.

Front Cover of Inculturation and the Church in North America

This fourth volume of the Church in the 21st Century series discusses the relation between Catholic faith and the secular culture.

Front Cover of In the Circle of Mysteries

A theologian renowned for his powerful storytelling abilities and his original thinking offers this comprehensive survey of Catholic doctrines and beliefs, synthesizing them into a cohesive and clear narrative that is accessible to a lay audience.