Front Cover of Ongoing Incarnation

This religious history looks at the emergence of modern ecclesiology, from Johann Adam Mohler's work in Germany in the early 19th century to the changes since Vatican II.

Front Cover for A New Song for the Lord

The former pope’s definitive statement on liturgical reform. Pope Benedict XVI shows that in the controversies over liturgical reform and the Latin mass, liturgy is not just a pragmatic matter but a central feature in our relationship to Christ, the Church, and ourselves.

Front Cover for The Mystical Thought of Meister Eckhart

In this widely acclaimed work, Bernard McGinn, the preeminent Eckhart scholar, delves into Eckhart’s complex and profound theology and penetrates layers of controversy to reveal the originality and brilliance of the medieval mystic’s radical message.

Front Cover for The Mystical Element of Religion

Using St. Catherine and her friends as illustrative examples, Friedrich von Hügel develops his well-known analysis of the three basic elements of religion: the institutional, the intellectual, and the mystical.

Front Cover for The Mystery of the Supernatural

Originally published in French in 1965, this work develops the core thesis that Henri de Lubac put forward many years earlier in a bold and controversial work in which he first called into question the idea of "pure nature."

Front Cover for The Mystery of Christian Worship

This essay presents, in clear, nontechnical language, the heart of Casel's theology of mystery, summing up his view that the encounter with the divine mystery in liturgy is "the most central and most essential action of the Christian religion.”

Front Cover for The Mystery and Meaning of the Mass

An asset that illuminates the timeless meaning and profound spiritual beauty of Catholic worship, this volume explains the significance of every ritual in the Mass—whether a genuflection, Agnus Dei repetition, or breaking of the bread.

Front Cover of Motivating Your Church

Motivating Your Church presents much needed insights that any church pastor or leader—regardless of a denomination’s affiliation, size or personality—can adopt, without having to secure a council’s approval or redevelop an entire congregational culture. The authors identify how to inspire an intrinsic, internal motivation.

Front Cover of Ministries

A comprehensive text for every student, minister and teacher.  Offers excellent scholarship and a visually enhanced presentation of the concept and practice of ministry. Tracing the profound developments since the Second Vatican Council, Dr. Hahnenberg sheds light on important aspects of modern ministry and offers a prophetic vision of the church.

Front Cover for Marriage in the Catholic Tradition

This collection of original scholarship on Catholic marriage from an A-list group of religious thinkers and scholars is an ideal resource for students, scholars, and anyone interested in the current issues surrounding the meaning of marriage.