Front Cover Teleios Volume 2

Teleios is the journal published by the Teleios Society, which promotes holistic spirituality in the lives of disciples of Jesus. It is produced by members of Stone-Campbell movement of churches, a Protestant reform movement that grew out of the Second Great Awakening in early nineteenth-century America.

Front cover Make Holy

At the heart of Catholic faith lies recognition that life is enchanted. In a sacramental world ordinary things—water, bread, sexuality—overflow with grace. The Whiteheads remind readers of the saving energy such belief can infuse into our lives. "The Catholic genius lies in the recognition of the world as sacramental. 

Front cover The Politics of Mercy

The Politics of Mercy introduces Catholics, Christians, and people of good will to a hopeful vision of robust Catholic living founded on and energized by the mercy of Christ, which can counter several enormous crises that we face in our time.

Front Cover Christology and Mystical Theology of Karl Rahner

The Christology and Mystical Theology of Karl Rahner delineates what Rahner means by the mysticism of daily life, the mysticism of the masses, the mysticism of the classical masters, the difference between infused and awakened contemplation, the relation of mysticism to Christian perfection, and Rahner’s controversial view that the mystical life does not require a special grace.

With empathic perception and psychological finesse Bernet retraces the destiny of a fervent mother and an audacious woman of the first centuries of the Church. Monica was the mother of Augustine, doctor of the church, whose genius has engaged history for centuries. 

Front Cove Bridge Building

Bridge Building invites readers to consider the practical theological value of metanoia and praxis. This requires a conversion toward social action that seeks to transform personal prejudices and political realities where social injustice is accepted as the cultural norm, specifically regarding the global ecological problem, the plight of migrants and refugees, and extreme global poverty.

Front cover Receiving God and Responding

Christian Trinitarian theology of relational love can be put into motion in spirituality. Many persons seek a foundational or new experience of spirituality. For many, Christianity is at risk of losing its dynamism of Trinitarian love by being reduced to a collection of doctrines or moral teachings. Many approaches to spirituality are overly intellectual.

Front cover Naming God

Naming God explores the way gender structures our understanding of that reality which transcends our experience. It is intended to promote reflection and to avoid an adversarial "us versus them" approach by presenting a variety of perspectives, looking at the reasons offered by each and trying to bring them into dialogue.

Front cover Mystical Sense of the Gospels

For everyone interested in the Christian mystical journey and unity of the contemplative vocation in all of the world’s religions. This book offers profound insights into the nature of meditation, the stages of spiritual growth, the power of prayer.

Front Cover Doing Theology as If People Mattered

This book narrates a reflexive account of the "doing" of contextual theology at the Jesuit School of Theology (JST) of Santa Clara University. The collection explores practicing contextual theology in the classroom and beyond, in service, international immersions, interreligious dialogue, and mission.