Hombres de la comunidad

Over the centuries, the crisis in ordained ministry has not been exclusively about the problem of celibacy, even though that is important and discussed here. The crisis is, above all, a crisis of “mission” identity.

El Dios de la intemperie

In these two essays brought together for the first time in a single edition, the famous poet and essayist Armando Rojas offers us a stroll through the great questions about life, God and the religious experience in the modern world.  He speaks to the spiritual dimension of life in light of literature and one’s own inner journey.

 El cristianismo como comunidad y las comunidades cristianas

Trigo sees each individual as having significance in terms of relationships with others, that is, within community. He emphasizes the importance of Christians being part of communities of believers whose faith is influenced by and strengthened within their own particular cultural contexts and their own unique values and social interactions.

El aro y la trama

Episteme, from the Greek, is the concept that gives shape to the way in which we think and perceive things. Moreno holds that people can best find meaning in community rather than in isolation.

Cristo nuestro compañero

Originally published in English as Christ Our Companion: Toward a Theological Aesthetics of Liberation, this new volume is translated for the Spanish-speaking reader that justly demands new and enriching visions in theological literature.

The Grace of Medellin

The Second CELAM (Latin American Bishop`s Council) Conference held in Medellín, Colombia, in 1968, proved to be a movement of grace, not only for the church in Latin America and Caribbean, but also for the world church at large. 

Love and You Shall Live

This book rethinks the soteriological premises of the Christian discourse on interreligious dialogue and makes an effort to overcome the conventional typology ‘exclusivism-inclusivism-pluralism.’ From a hermeneutic perspective, the author sets out to find the answer to this predicament in Jesus’ life, message, and practice, given the normative character that these possess for Christianity. 

The Living and True God

This is a New Revised Edition in which the Author explains how the Trinity (one God in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is the central mystery of the Christian faith that enlightens all other mysteries of the faith.

Paul: The Great Scandal

One of the most incredible events to take place in the Church was the conversion of the Apostle Paul, the former Christian persecutor who became Christ s chief Apostle. 

Jesus: An Historical Approximation

In this Spanish best-seller, now available in English for the first time, the Biblical scholar Jose Antonio Pagola reconstructs the historical Jesus with a scholarly exegetical and theological approach.