Front Cover for Christian Spirituality: Origins to the Twelfth Century

Essays in this volume discuss the early history of the church, gnostic spirituality, monasticism, the great fathers, soteriology, the Trinity, anthropology, grace, Christian art, the sacraments, prayer, and spiritual guidance.

Front Cover for Christian Spirituality Volume II

This volume of the World Spirituality series—a broad-ranging, illustrated, and scholarly treatment of core topics in Christian spirituality—focuses on the Reformation and pre-Reformation periods.

Front Cover of Christian Marriage

Critics of Catholic moral teachings on sexuality overlook the subtle, profound reflection the church has devoted to these questions. Learn what monks, popes, and holy married people have said over the centuries about the Gospel's call to holiness in marriage.

Front Cover for Children of Disobedience

From the heart-pounding escape from the cloister to the romance and marriage with the great reformer of Christianity—Asta Scheib’s lively and intimate portrait of Katharina von Bora draws us close to the heart and soul of this important historical figure.

Front Cover for The Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century

Martyrdom is the ultimate test of faith, and in the 20th century, more Catholics around the globe were persecuted, tortured, and martyred for their faith than in any previous century. Acclaimed as a masterpiece, Robert Royal's book tells their heroic and inspiring stories.

Front Cover for The Catholic Church in History

In an uncompromisingly honest examination, Keith D. Lewis looks at the crusades, the Spanish inquisition, Pope Urban’s battle with Galileo, and other dark periods in the Catholic church's history to dispel denial and bring reconciliation, clarity, and healing.

Front Cover of Ongoing Incarnation

This religious history looks at the emergence of modern ecclesiology, from Johann Adam Mohler's work in Germany in the early 19th century to the changes since Vatican II.

Front Cover of On The Heels of Freedom

Learn how devoted missionaries overcame widespread bias and apathy to open ministries and schools among black slaves in the South—where teaching slaves to read the bible was illegal. These schools helped the black churches become centers of community and empowerment.

Front Cover for Models of Priestly Formation

In Models of Priestly Formation, Msgr. Charles Murphy explores key moments in the history of priestly education and vocation, and points us toward developments in training that can help priests manage increasingly complex demands on their time and talents.

Front Cover for Marriage in the Catholic Tradition

This collection of original scholarship on Catholic marriage from an A-list group of religious thinkers and scholars is an ideal resource for students, scholars, and anyone interested in the current issues surrounding the meaning of marriage.