The very simplicity of meditation is often the greatest problem to would-be meditators. In Light Within, Freeman emphasizes that the fruit of meditation can only be tasted by starting to meditate.

Front cover of Jung and Christianity

Many men and women today are experiencing a crisis of meaninglessness. Religion has traditionally supplied the framework for the individual's quest for meaning, but the institutional church seems unable to perform this function for many twentieth century people.

Front cover of John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila

Half a millennium after they lived and wrote, Teresa and John continue to inspire and confound readers: How can the turn inward to solitude and quiet also bring a person closer to creation? Howell's shows how, for Teresa and John, the dynamic life of the Trinitarian God unites the mind within and the world outside.

Front Cover of The Little Monk

An international bestseller, The Little Monk, offers nuggets of wisdom—little aphorisms that reveal great truths. Sometimes surprising or humorous and always down-to-earth, Madeleine Delbrel’s classic will lend strength to the faithful and bring joy and perspective to the weary.

Front Cover of Life of the Beloved

An invitation to acknowledge our brokenness and awaken to the abiding love that God has for us, this classic explains the spiritual life in simple terms, avoiding theology and technical language. One of Nouwen’s greatest legacies to seekers of all backgrounds.

The Legend of the Fourth King

A Christmas story your children will never have heard before—but one that goes back centuries, and embodies in its charming, intriguing details the very essence of the meaning of the holy day.  A perfect gift for Advent or Christmas.

Front Cover for Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina, a spiritual discipline practiced for more than a thousand years, has undergone a recent resurgence in popularity. Father Pennington introduces the method of contemplative listening that opens us to an experience of God's presence through the sacred scriptures.

Front Cover for Leadership From Inside Out

Wesley Granberg-Michaelson examines the pitfalls that destroy leaders—money, sex, and power—and shows us how to direct the energy of our inherent human needs into stewardship, covenantal love, and service. Bring spirit and accountability to your leadership and life with this inspiring guide.

Front Cover Journey to the Center

This compilation of Thomas Keating's thoughts on the theme of Lent, drawn from his many books and articles in the Contemplative Outreach newsletter, opens our hearts and renews our devotion, amplifying the quiet voice of God within each of us. 

Front Cover for John of the Cross

A thorough, engaging, and accessible introduction to the defining themes in the life of St. John of the Cross, revealed through his writing. Text is prefaced by a translation of the saint’s poems and his drawing of the mystical ascent of the soul.