Public Square

Good News From North Haven

This charming collection of slice-of-life stories about the Rev. David Battles and life in a mythical Midwest town caused a sensation when it was first released. With over 55,000 copies in print and a review in the New York Times, it remains a favorite for Christian readers.

Front Cover of From Resurrection to Pentecost

This third edition of Bishop Morneau's successful seasonal meditation series takes the reader through the 40 days of the Easter season.

Front Cover for Educating for Life

Thomas Groome engages the central issues that concern educators, regardless of their religious traditions, offering a profound wisdom—the fruit of years of experience in religious education.

Front Cover of Discipleship of Equals

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, a groundbreaking feminist theologist, shares articles and essays from lifetime of incisive participation in the women’s religious movement. A scholarly and rigorous examination that advocates for the renaming and reclaiming of feminine religious power.

Front Cover of The Company of Strangers

In this award-winning book, Parker J. Palmer offers a revitalizing understanding of the notion of public life and shows how profound spiritual seeking leads us into the abundance of community.

Front Cover of Light in the Darkness

This is the third and final volume in a trilogy of insightful reflections on some of our oldest and favorite prayers.

Leaving North Haven

Like its predecessor, Good News from Haven, Leaving North Haven is a collection of related stories following one year in the life of the wise and understanding pastor of a small Presbyterian Church, Rev. David Battles.

Front Cover of Jesus of Nazareth

This unique life of Jesus asks a new question: How did Jesus himself come to understand his life and experience his faith? An imaginative narrative grounded in scholarship, aimed at deepening the reader’s relationship with Christ.

Front Cover of In the Stillness You Will Know

Popular spirituality writer Barbara Fiand is back with a moving book inspired by the death of her dearest friend and soul mate. Shadowed by grief, Fiand uses her friend's untimely passing as the starting point for ponderings about the nature of hope and the solace that comes from the beauty of nature speaking to us.

Front Cover of An Anthology of Sacred Texts By and About Women

This now standard text offers engaging readings from a wide variety of sources by and about women. Designed for women's studies and religion courses everywhere.