Front Cover for Leadership in the Church

A timely and profound look at the enduring meaning of church office. Kasper considers the guidance the leaders of the church are called to provide to the flock in light of a changed world and a changing future.

Front Cover for Keeping The Covenant

Thomas P. Sweetser brings more than three decades of work with parishes all over the country to this groundbreaking resource on revitalizing and strengthening the spirit and community of the local congregation. An effective, enjoyable, step-by-step approach for lay people and leaders.

In the Name of Jesus

A loving and searingly insightful vision of Christian leadership, Henri J.M. Nouwen’s bestseller inspires us to put aside our desire to be powerful and relevant and to stand simply in our unadorned, vulnerable selves, open to giving and receiving love.

Front Cover of I Am the Bread of Life

Forty years ago Suzanne Toolan wrote the famous hymn "I Am the Bread of Life," which has since been translated into 25 languages and performed all over the world. This book recounts Sr. Suzanne’s remarkable life and abundant insights into the splendor of music, liturgy and faith.

Front Cover of Beyond The Empire

A lively, page-turning account of the drama, chaos, and bursts of sanctity that marked the four hundred years in which Christianity went from a persecuted cult to a world religion—and the guardian of Western civilization.

Front Cover of Anti-Catholicism in America

From the Progressivist left to the fundamentalist right, many American Protestants have viewed Catholics with deep hostility over the centuries. This readable history looks for the roots of prejudice in profound differences of worldview and worship.

Front Cover of The Analogical Imagination

An essential addition to any serious theological library. David Tracy looks at the culture of pluralism, and introduces his influential concept of the "classic," as well as his idea of the difference between analogical and other ways of viewing the life of faith.