Front Cover for The Mystery and Meaning of the Mass

An asset that illuminates the timeless meaning and profound spiritual beauty of Catholic worship, this volume explains the significance of every ritual in the Mass—whether a genuflection, Agnus Dei repetition, or breaking of the bread.

Front Cover for The Mysteries of Christianity

Fr. Matthias Joseph Scheeben, a renowned neoscholastic German theologian, presents a vast modern synthesis of theology, and expounds upon the great underlying unity of the Christian mysteries.

Front Cover of Motivating Your Church

Motivating Your Church presents much needed insights that any church pastor or leader—regardless of a denomination’s affiliation, size or personality—can adopt, without having to secure a council’s approval or redevelop an entire congregational culture. The authors identify how to inspire an intrinsic, internal motivation.

Front cover for Meditation and Contemplation

Fr. Gallagher helps us understand meditation and contemplation—the foundation of all Ignatian prayer—so that we can harness the power of of these resources in our own lives. A great asset for strengthening and renewing the practice of prayer.

Front Cover of Love One Another

For married Catholics Love One Another offers a distinctively Catholic approach to marriage, reflecting on: Biblical foundations; lessons from our cultural situation and history; and the spiritual and moral dimensions of married life. “A rich and rewarding read.” —Barbara Dafoe Whitehead

Front Cover The Local Church

Is the true meaning of Catholicism to be found in the papacy, which should establish the framework for the rest of the church? Or does Catholicism exist primarily at the local level, in individual dioceses and parishes, each with their own practices and theologies?

Front Cover of The Little Monk

An international bestseller, The Little Monk, offers nuggets of wisdom—little aphorisms that reveal great truths. Sometimes surprising or humorous and always down-to-earth, Madeleine Delbrel’s classic will lend strength to the faithful and bring joy and perspective to the weary.

The Life God Wants You to Have

One of the country's leading Christian counselors shares real-life accounts of people who endured devastating financial, emotional, and professional setbacks and explains how his systematic FAITH-based plan enabled them to survive and thrive through hard times.

Front Cover for The Joy of Being Wrong

This pioneering work of theological anthropology looks at original sin in the light of the resurrection, and shows how forgiveness has become the way of transformation.

Front Cover for The Joy of Being Catholic

Celebrating the best of Catholic faith and culture, The Joy of Being Catholic offers enlightenment on topics like the sacraments, scriptures, saints, and arts.  With stories and poems to bring out the author's insights, this charmer is an ideal gift.