Written That You May Believe

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Front Cover of Written That You May Believe

Written That You May Believe

Encountering Jesus in the Fourth Gospel

An illuminating benchmark in scholarship on the Gospel of John, this revised volume includes new chapters and a study guide. An uplifting resource that offers an opportunity to nourish faith and dwell in the liberating truth of Jesus.

Written That You May Believe has quickly become a standard text for the feminist-informed study of the Gospel of John. Scholars have hailed its publication and dedicated a session at the American Academy of Religion to discussing its message. Lay readers find it helpful for accessing the meaning of the Fourth gospel, and small groups use it as a guide in their devotional reading.

Reviews and endorsements

"Written That You May Believe breathes new life into John's theology and restores it to its centuries-old role as a spiritual guide toward an encounter with Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life."
John R. Donahue, S.J., professor of New Testament, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California


"Creative, practical, and eminently lucid. This is a guide that offers the kind of introduction to the inexhaustible riches of the Fourth Gospel that many students and searching adults are looking for today."
Mary Ann Hinsdale, chair of the department of religious studies, College of the Holy Cross, Massachusetts

Paperback / 328 pages
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