Women of Opus Dei

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Women of Opus Dei

In Their Own Words

A doctor, a professor, a stay-at-home mom, and a marketing executive—these and other female members of the prelature of Opus Dei set the record straight with inspiring stories of dedication to fostering Christian principles at all levels of society.

Whether single or married, cradle-Catholic or convert—the women in this book, each in her own way, share a love for Jesus and the Church manifested in active participation in the institution of Opus Dei.

An entry on Josephina Magno, the founder of hospice care, describes the role that Opus Dei had in helping Magno appreciate the sanctity and holiness of her vocation. Mary Hamm talks about how Opus Dei gave her pride in her work and supported her while she was under financial stress and taking care of her little children. Mary Beth Burger explains that Opus Dei gives meaning and purpose to her efforts—whether she is changing a diaper or assisting a client.

Each member of the organization that has been shrouded in mystery brings to light the influence that Opus Dei has had on her life and reveals thought-provoking aspects of her experience. Members tell how they first encountered Opus Dei, what made them decide to join, and how membership has transformed their daily lives. The book also includes vital information on the structure and workings of Opus Dei and some of the key practices of the members.

Reviews and endorsements

“Perhaps no part of contemporary Roman Catholicism has been more misunderstood than has Opus Dei, especially in the days since the popular bestseller, The Da Vinci Code. Women of Opus Dei offers a sympathetic and highly informative presentation of the prelature. Highly recommended.”
Phyllis Tickle, author, The Divine Hours


“I loved these women! From changing diapers, to Harvard medical internships, to the top of a Tibetan mountain, they have discovered a path that will inspire any woman who longs for a deeper way to deal with her days.”
Delia Gallagher, Vatican analyst and former CNN Faith and Values correspondent

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