Time Management for Catholics

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Time Management for Catholics

Make the Most of Every Second by Putting Christ First

Dave Durand, Relevant Radio host and personal leadership expert shows how putting God at the center of your life will help you discover your mission, establish priorities, and avoid burnout. Free up you time for what really matters with this useful guide.

When we’re short on time, we often become overwhelmed by work and obligations, and our relationship with family and God can suffer. This guide offers dozens of practical, proven techniques for managing time, avoiding burnout, and reconnecting with your Creator.

Let David Durand show you how to reorganize your life so that faith comes first and bring new effectiveness to your endeavors and fulfillment to your personal life.

Time Management for Catholics will help you:

  • Evaluate how you use your time now
  • Discover how much time you can save
  • Discern your own mission in life
  • Establish priorities to fulfill your mission
  • Set goals
  • Meet deadlines
  • Take charge
  • Write your own to-do-tomorrow list
  • Let priorities and goals shape your list
  • Create a calendar to anchor your system
  • Find time for prayer
Reviews and endorsements

"Dave Durand will show you how to become a better employee, a better spouse, a better parent, and, above all, a better Catholic!"
Patrick Madrid, author of Search and Rescue

Paperback / 224 pages
Dimensions: 5 x 8