The Scandalous Message of James

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Front Cover of The Scandalous Message of James

The Scandalous Message of James

Faith Without Works Is Dead

Embedded in the New Testament is a five-chapter uprising known as the Epistle of James. This provocative, and often overlooked letter is the founding document of liberation theology—the theology that seeks to preserve Jesus' "preferential option for the poor."

Now with a detailed study guide, this book can be used by Christians everywhere to study the radical message of James and reflect on what it means to be a true Christian.

“Faith without works is dead” is the exhortation that made the New Testament Letter of James both noteworthy and notorious. Its sharp condemnation of the rich who exploit the poor motivates many church leaders to omit James from their liturgies or to interpret it as metaphorical. Martin Luther called it an “epistle of straw.”

This new edition, challenges Christian communities, study groups and individuals to practice community values taught by Jesus and urged by James. With integrity of word and deed, Christians are to work for justice, confront scandalous acts of oppression, care for the needy and to be honest in prayer before God and with people.

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