The Noonday Demon

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The Noonday Demon

Recognizing and Overcoming the Deadly Sin of Sloth

We are all tempted by sloth, the sin of being superficial, of ignoring what is good and important in life. This spiritual journey through the Bible, history, and culture exposes sloth and offers tips on how to combat it.

Sloth is "willful oblivion to goodness, human dignity and the preciousness of life…. Sloth involves ignoring what is good, true and beautiful. It includes apathy toward others – their dignity, their circumstances, and their feelings. And it includes joylessness, even in the face of extraordinary goodness and love." This fascinating study helps the reader identify and overcome sloth.

Reviews and endorsements

“In a crazy, hectic, driven, multi-tasking age, sloth is the most surprising of the seven deadly sins – and one of the most prevalent. John Blackwell’s thoughtful reflections are a superb place to begin to explore this lethal modern vice.”
Os Guinness, author, The Call

Paperback / 168 pages
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