A New Song for the Lord

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A New Song for the Lord

Faith in Christ and Liturgy Today

The former pope’s definitive statement on liturgical reform. Pope Benedict XVI shows that in the controversies over liturgical reform and the Latin mass, liturgy is not just a pragmatic matter but a central feature in our relationship to Christ, the Church, and ourselves.

An exploration of Christian worship and liturgy through relevant papers and lectures by Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger). The brilliant theologian argues that Christological approach must be at the root of any understanding of Christian practice. Ratzinger relates the core of Christianity to it's practice, in and out in the house of God, and examines liturgy, music, and culture in his discussion of the reform of Christian worship.

Reviews and endorsements

"Taken from different talks and papers by Cardinal Ratzinger, this book makes practicable from several points of view the indispensable components of a theology of worship, according to Catholic Church teaching. For Ratzinger, the issue of liturgy is not merely a practical one, for in liturgy we deal with our understanding of God and this world, our relationship with Christ and with ourselves. In other words, the way we live the liturgy today in our churches will determine the future shape of our faith and church."
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