Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa

Love Stays

The great spirit whose love embraced and uplifted the poor, sick, and orphaned shines from the pages of this accessible and comprehensive biography by Christian Feldman. The inspiring account includes eyewitness reports, photographs, and Mother Teresa’s own timeless words.

Haunted by the squalor of Calcutta slums, Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity in 1948. Her love for the needy soon expanded to embrace the poorest places on earth. Almost fifty years later, she had won the Nobel Peace prize and left behind a worldwide network of more than 4,600 sisters (and even more volunteers) in schools, shelters, clinics, hospitals, leprosaria, and hospices.

This book portrays, in an enlightening prose and powerful photos, the story of Mother Teresa, the trusting and faithful servant of God.

"Every one of these poor wretches, it seems, was worth more to Mother Teresa than the whole world. When Pope Paul VI visited India in 1964, he was escorted in triumph through the streets of Bombay—in a white Lincoln Continental that he had been given by American Catholics. The pope used his luxury car only once—he preferred a jeep anyway—and donated it to Mother Teresa. At the first opportunity she raffled it off for four times its value and built Shanti Nagar, a rehabilitation center for lepers, of whom there were 3,000,000 in India and more than 50,000 in the region of Calcutta alone. To this day the Missionaries of Charity take care of them and give those who have been cured vocational training so that they don’t have to beg anymore."
Mother Teresa: Love Stays, from Chapter 3, "Let Them Go Home with a Smile."

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"Mother Teresa was a living saint, drawing both rich and poor to her side and to the message of God."
Time magazine


"This biography is unique in that it consists of eye-witness accounts and 20 black-and-white photographs, along with Mother Teresa’s own words. This brief biography offers highlights from her humble yet splendid life and shows why the love she embodied will last forever."
Spiritual Life 

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