A Marriage Made for Heaven (Leader Guide)

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A Marriage Made for Heaven (Leader Guide)

The Secrets of Heavenly Couplehood

Under the expert guidance of Gregory and Lisa Popcak, couples can now get the most from the spiritual significance of the bond of marriage. This leader's guide shepherds spouses through twelve Heavenly Date Nights to address difficulties and find lasting passion and happiness.

Using the wisdom they have refined over years of writing, pastoral counseling, and hosting radio broadcasts, Gregory and Lisa Popcak guide spouses through many pressing issues including intimacy, sexuality, problem solving, life after children, and communication.

The rich theological content of the course directly supports married life in a fun and faithful way. From activities and quizzes to group discussions, a variety of intuitive tools help spouses become closer not only with one another but also with their community. Trustworthy, orthodox, and referencing the best research in marriage and family psychology, this is an ideal resource to be instituted in any Catholic parish or home.

The step by step Leader Guide, in conjunction with the Workbook, provides everything needed to establish a program in your own parish.

Valuable features of the Leader Guide include:

Opening prayers
DVD video presentations
Guided questions for discussion
Stories and case studies to illustrate each week's theme
Structured take-home practices for each couple
Time cues for keeping the sessions well-organized
Useful tips for setting up the gatherings and guiding discussions effectively

Reviews and endorsements

"Most newlyweds believe their marriage was made in heaven.  After a few years, some couples think their marriage was made in hell.

A correct understanding of the Christian vocation of marriage avoids an overly romanticized notion as well as the despair.  Developing that understanding is the aim of A Marriage Made for Heaven.

Dr. Gregory Popcak, together with his wife, Lisa, are devout and devoted Catholics who have committed themselves to strengthening marriages.  They take the task seriously, but have a lot of fun fulfilling it.  Likewise, they believe that Christian couples should take their vocation seriously but have a lot of fun along the way—along the way to heaven."
Most Reverend R. Daniel Conlon, bishop of Steubenville, Ohio

Paperback / 128 pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11