The Many Faces of Christ

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Front Cover of The Many Faces of the Christ

The Many Faces of Christ

The Christologies of the New Testament and Beyond

In this volume the noted scholar Ben Witherington, III discusses in chronological order the New Testament evidence of what the historical Jesus did, what he said, and what those around him believed.

Jesus was a complex figure and, like light shining through a prism, reflections on the man who fits no one formula have produced a variety of colors and depths of shade that cannot and should not be all blended into some monochromatic image.

Reviews and endorsements

“Provides a good and needed description of the christologies of the New Testament. His work is well-informed, sane, and up-to-date.”
Klyne Snodgrass, North Park Theological Seminary


“Professor Witherington exposes the multiple witnesses to Jesus in the New Testament without precipitously trying to reconcile them. He reviews the pertinent evidence and evaluates it judiciously.”
Luke Timothy Johnson, Emory University

Paperback / 272 pages
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