Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc

A Spiritual Biography

A vivid image of the young country girl who accomplished unprecedented victories for her country shines forth in this moving biography. Witness the spirit and faith of the maid of Orleans in Siobhan Nash-Marshall’s carefully researched page-turner.

This authoritative, researched, and readable account portrays the life of the young woman from Domrémy who was urged to action by visitations from hosts of angels. Joan of Arc's rise from obscurity and spiritual quest is passionately and painstakingly painted in this thrilling narrative.

Using extensive historical references, Nash-Marshall tells the story of the Joan's life—from her childhood and first encounter with the voices of angels to her trial and execution in Rouen.

In addition to recounting events from life of the beloved maid of Orléans, the author examines Joan's mission in spiritual, psychological, and political contexts and conveys a vital sense of Joan as a living and breathing human being.

Reviews and endorsements

"'Joan lived a rather normal life for several years after she began to hear her voices.' In this matter-of-fact way, Nash-Marshall weaves the spiritual into the mundane in her book about Joan of Arc.

She doesn’t try to explain away Joan’s visions, nor explore feminist themes, of which there are plenty here. Instead, philosopher Nash-Marshall (assistant professor at Fordham and New York universities) writes like an engaging historian and simply tells Joan’s spiritual and political story—so well that I failed in my attempt to skim the book; I kept being pulled into the narrative.

Along the way, Nash-Marshall helps the reader understand the role Joan’s spirituality played in her own life and in the history of France. Her philosophic exploration at the end, where she tries to understand the relationship of faith, God, and nationalism, is weak and fortunately short."
—Christ Today

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